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Iris Apfel Portrait Illustration by Zabby Allen

Recently Aimée of Shell Stealing Slug Club sent me some surprise snail mail (one of my favourite things ever!), containing a letter and the following poem by Maya Angelou:

Phenomenal Woman Poem by Maya Angelou

(You can download the writing paper on Aimée's website)

Needless to say I thought the poem was beautiful, and began thinking about all the women I think are phenomenal. Most of them are people I know; family members, friends and girl bosses I've met through instagram and who inspire me everyday. Another person I thought of whilst reading this powerful poem was Iris Apfel. If you don't know much about Iris I urge you to go and watch the film that was made about her in 2014 - it's available on Netflix so you definitely don't have an excuse! At the time of filming Iris was 93, and she gave a documentary camera crew (including 87 year old director Albert Maysles) a glimpse into her colourful fashion-filled world. I'm not going to outline the whole film for you because I truly hope you'll watch it, but it's just so wonderful to see someone be so unapologetically themself - Iris an inherently creative woman who is showing no signs of slowing down. She loves the search for new pieces of jewellery and clothing more than wearing the pieces themselves - hunting and haggling truly seems to bring her a new lease of life!

Here are a few Iris Apfel quotes to encourage you to watch the film:

"Life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress."

"When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else."

"If you're not interested, you can't be interesting."

"More is more and less is a bore."

Can you see why I love her so much? Go and watch the film and let me know what you think. Watching Iris definitely makes me want to be a bit more daring with the way I dress! (It also makes me want a Park Avenue apartment with whole rooms dedicated to my wardrobe, as well as a holiday home in Palm Springs, but that's not very realistic is it?)

I'm going to share another phenomenal woman again soon - each will have their own portrait (which I hope will eventually make it into my shop. I have a few women in mind for future features (including Maya Angelou herself), but I'd love it if you could nominate some women who YOU think are phenomenal too. Let me know on instagram or twitter who you'd like to see featured next.

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