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Christmas Tree Decorations by Independent Designger Makers 2016 Zabby Allen

I'm starting to get that festive feeling but I'm yet to put up my Christmas tree. My tree by the way is called Norman and he's still living in a pot in my boyfriend's Mum's garden waiting to be picked up and dressed for the occassion. I fear that Norman may now be a little (OK, very) bald and he's going to need all the help he can get this year to look super fancy and Christmassy! So, I've been doing some research into Christmas tree decorations by independent designers and I thought I'd share my findings with you so you can spruce up your trees too (geddit?!).

I think that tree decorations make excellent gifts so I've given each a title to give you an idea of who you might buy them for... although to be honest I would love one of each on my own tree! All of these decorations are designed and made in the UK, Yay!


VW Tree Decoration by Hello Sunshine

VW Tree Decoration by Hello Sunshine

I love these bright sunny little car decorations, inspired by festive stories of Jo's grandparents strapping Christmas trees to the roof of their VW beetle. Jo also sells personalised wooden Christmas jumper decorations which I LOVE - I bought one last year with our dog's name on and I can't wait to hang it on my tree this year!

£22 each


Wheely Festive Bike Tree Decoration by Claireabelle Makes

Wheely Festive Bikes by Claireabelle Makes

Claire's from Cambridge and makes lots lovely of bike themed goodies (as well as lots of other gorgeous things). We all know a mad cyclist right? I love the punny name of these and you can pick from several colours - red, gold, silver, white or plain wood.



Birds in Hats Christmas Decorations by Alice Tams

Birds in Hats by Alice Tams

Where I live there are literally thousands of ring-necked parakeets so I've definitely got my eye on one of these for my tree! And who can resist a pengiun in a Christmas jumper? Plus: GLITTER!

£4 each or two for £6


Personalised Dog Christmas Decorations by Hoobynoo

Personalised Dog Decs by Hoobynoo

Hobbynoo have a huge range of pet themed decorations, many of which are personalised. With this decoration you can pick from 9 dog breeds and add your pooch's name. Cute!



Origami Paper Baubles by Sarah Louise Matthews

Origami Baubles by Sarah Louise Matthews

Sarah has lots of lovely paper decorations for sale, some of which are in the sale at the moment. I love these origami decorations, they look really classy and are a great twist on a traditional bauble. You can pick from a range of really lovely marbled or polkadot papers too!



Citrus Slices Tree Decorations by Woah There Picke

Citrus Slices by Woah There Pickle

I love this twist on a traditional decoration. These are handprinted on birch wood and would be the perfect thing to send in the post as a little extra in your Christmas cards!



Mistletoe Christmas Decoration by Anna Wiscombe

Mistletoe by Anna Wiscombe

Anna's work is so timeless and lovely. These mistletoe decorations are quite large so would work best on a larger tree or hung from your ceiling to trap people into a smooch! Anna also makes the most beautiful wooden wreaths which I've been lusting over since I saw them at the London Illustration Fair last Christmas.



Brush Lettering Baubles by Daphne Rosa

Brush Lettered Baubles by Daphne Rosa

Perfect for that friend of yours who only ever wears black and white or your friend with a black and grey batchelor pad and a super matchy-matchy tree. These are actually ceramic and I think they'd look great on any tree and would compliment all the colourful ornaments I have. You can choose to have the bauble personalised by Kate or you can buy a set of three: love, noel and joy.

£8 Personalised / £12 Set of love, noel, joy


Sprout Angel Tree Topper by SewSew

Sprout Angel Tree Topper by SewSew

This is AMAZING! I am a huge sprout lover and am in desperate need of a new tree topper. Unfortunately not all my housemates feel quite the same way about sprouts as I do so it may take some serious convincing to get this to the top of our tree this year. I'm still very tempted to buy one and sneak this angelic little guy to the top of our tree though.



Feline Festive Christmas Cat Bunting by Claire Barclay Draws

Feline Festive Cat Bunting by Claire Barclay Draws

Not technically for your tree but I think this bunting is multifunctional and would look great as an alternative to tinsel as well as hung on the fireplace with your stockings! Each set features 8 illustrations of kitty cats wearing festive knitwear, all hand cut by Claire and strung on to ribbon. Top marks for the punny packaging too!


Now wouldn't a tree with all that lot on be the most fun and festive thing you've ever seen?! I've always grown up having a slightly mad (and slightly bald!) Christmas tree, with decorations collected from around the world and passed on from family members so I think any of these would look very at home on Norman. What are your tree traditions? Do you have a matching colour scheme or just chuck everything on there like me? If you've got any other Christmas tree decoration recommendations I'd love to hear about them! Let me know what other decorations I should be buying on instagram or twitter!

Pssst! Look out for some free and festive desktop & mobile wallpapers coming soon!

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