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Free Manatee Charity Desktop Mobile Wallpapers Free Download

If you remember my blobfish pin then you'll probably know I have a bit of a thing for unusual sea creatures so when Emma from Manatees United got in touch and told me it was the charity's first anniversary today I knew we had to do something to celebrate!

Wanna know a bit more about the charity? Here's a snippet from their website:

Manatees United is a non-profit organization that wants to help manatees. These adorable creatures face many threats; such as being hit by boats and red tide algae. Due to these threats, their population is decreasing. Manatees United is an organization trying to gather donations to the Save the Manatees Club. Doing so, we help spread awareness to save the manatees. Come out and join us in rescuing these wonderful creatures!

So here's a very special Freebie Friday wallpaper covered in super cute manatees. If you download it then why not donate a couple of pounds to the charity and help protect these gorgeous creatures?

As usual there are lots of different sizes to download to suit different screens. Large should be suitable for large desktop screens such as iMacs, Medium should suit laptops such as MacBook Pros. Small should fit small portable laptops such as MacBook Air. They'll work for Windows computers too I promise! Here are the links:

Large 2560 x 1440 | Medium 1680 x 1050 | Small 1440x900 | iPad and Tablet 1024 x 1024 | Smartphone

Hope you like this bonus background! I'd love to see how yours looks, so if you take a photo or screenshot, don't forget to tag me in on instagram or twitter - @zabbyallen! If manatees aren't your thing, you might find something else you like in my other Freebie Friday posts!

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