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Crafty Critters: Pilfered

This month I chatted to my instagram gal pal Jenna all about her pup Crumpet, her retro inspired business Pilfered and her technicolour life. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna last weekend at the In Colourful Company x Lucky Dip Club meet up at Dreamland in Margate and even shared a tent with her (sorry Jenna!). Hopefully she's not too traumatised from the experience to meet up again soon, I'd love to meet Crumpet!

When George was sadly put to sleep Jenna sent me a huge bunch of flowers which I thought was so bloody lovely, especially since at that stage she'd never met either of us IRL. Jenna's instagram captions always crack me up and her personality truly shines through in her photos. Read on to find out a little more about this rainbow babe...

Congratulations - I hear you're going part time at your job as a medical photographer (!!!) to focus more on Pilfered. What can we expect to see from you now that you've got more time to dedicate to your craft?

Well! I decided to go part time to give my life a bit more balance. I've been chasing my tail for the past few years so I'm SO looking forward to being able to spend more time on making, seeing loved ones and just being able to enjoy the moment without worrying about where I need to be next! In terms of making I really want to start getting my hands dirty and making a mess, so there might be some one off wooden cut outs for your homes, and maybe a mural or two if anybody wants one! I find the ideas come to me when I have more time to explore my options, so fingers crossed this kick-starts the creative juices! Failing that I'll be skint and bored, so, we'll see!

Pilfered Interview

Your house is seriously GOALS! Did you have a big renovation project on your hands to get it where it is today and did you have a plan for each room when you bought the house?

It was the biggest thing we've ever done, before that we had a flat we couldn't be bothered cleaning so god knows why we decided to buy a derelict house that was falling apart with no DIY experience! The bulk of it is done now but there's still a few areas that need finishing... 4 years on! We had a vague idea on style and then it manifested as we went along, so a bit of both really! I sort of want to start again now, but I've been told we need to finish the rest of it first... so that's me put in my place!

Pilfered Interview

When and where did you get Crumpet?

My friend at work had two dogs who'd had a night of passion and ended up with 6 lovely buns in the oven! I'd wanted a dog since I moved out of the family home so I called dibs on one of the pups and picked the sweetest, shyest little bundle of fluff, brought her home in October 2014 and called her Crumpet. As it happens she is a master of disguise and actually turned out to be a loud, obnoxious mischief maker, but that might be nurture rather than nature..

Pilfered Interview

What are some of her quirks? She seems like such a feisty little thing!

Luckily she is very obedient, I spent a lot of time at the start of our journey putting her through her paces (teaching her how to high 5 and crawl, the essentials, obvs) but she's very gobby, has absolutely zero fear and likes boxing with next door's cat through the fence! She is a bruiser, but on the flip side so loving and loyal. She's a real terrier!

Pilfered Interview

Tell me about your Pup in a Cup pin - it was inspired by Crumpet right?

Yes, definitely! I noticed there was a lot of cat related pins doing the rounds and wanted to make something for dog lovers that was fun and colourful so the pup in a cup was born! It was inspired by a photo I took of crumpet when she was 4 weeks old and she fit in my shoe, but didn't think 'pup in a tatty old trainer' had the same ring to it!

Pilfered Interview

Your work is heavily rooted in nostalgia, with influences from TV, film and old toys. What are some of your faves?

TROLLS! trolls all day, they're such a time travel item for me, they take me all the way back to 1992. My horror stuff was heavily influenced by all the crappy horror movies my nan let us watch when we were waaaay too young for them! The content of my brain is a weird amalgamation of gore and 90s kitsch. It's a very confusing place to be sometimes but it always works out OK in the end!

Pilfered Interview

You're a keen runner - I'm particularly impressed by your recent fell running!! How important is it to you to be able to get outside and run up a massive hill?

VERY!! I get withdrawals when I can't get out, it's the only time my head turns itself off and just focuses on what's going on right there, right then, as opposed to having 17 things on the go and wondering which way is up. Hills pacify my competitive nature, I love standing at the bottom of one and thinking “Right! This is between you and me!” And then trying my hardest to get to the top without collapsing. It sounds worse than it is, everyone should try it at least once! You get to run back down it after, what more could you want?!

Pilfered Interview

Who are some of your favourite creative instagrammers who share photos of their work and their cute pets?

Sooooo many to name, I love seeing what everyone else's pets are up to! My IG pet sharing faves are @hellohellododo, @sunshine_jo, @kayleymills and @hellobeestudio! All colourful, creative, badass babes with equally as amusing pets!

Pilfered Interview

(Photos above: @kayleymills, @Sunshine_Joand @hellobeestudio. All other photos courtesy of Jenna Greenwood of Pilfered.

Thanks to Jenna for taking the time out of her super busy schedule to answer my questions. Check out her online shop for her sassy products and keep an eye for more coming soon. Jenna's instagram is the best place to be kept up to date (and for snooping at her house and swooning over Crumpet).

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Got a recommendation for a future Crafty Critters interview? Let me know on instagram, I'm @zabbyallen!

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