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Apr 30th 2017

April Favourites

Zabby Allen April Favourites

Every time I wrote this blog post on my to-do list I wrote down 'March Favourites'... I think I'm in denial about it being May tomorrow! This month was a lot of fun; I had a mini-break to the seaside, started working on Girl Planet again, saw some dinosaurs in the wild, released my Girl Power Postcards and sent some new pin and patch designs off to get manufactured! Here are a few thing I discovered this month and a few recommendations too...


Cambridge Creatives Photo Walk 2017

Photo courtsey of Claireabelle Makes

Last weekend I got on the train to Cambridge for the Cambridge Creatives Photo Walk, organised by Sunshine Jo and Claireabelle Makes with help from the lovely Kate of Daphne Rosa. Over 70 of us descended onto this pretty university town like one giant, walking rainbow. We caused a bit of a buzz with the locals who seemed to think we were a giant birthday party or hen party (I guess it was the balloons!) and stared at us in amazement as we filled the cobbled streets. It was so lovely to hang out with a bunch of creatives girls for the day and meet some of my insta pals IRL. When you work on your own doing a whole bunch of creative jobs it's nice to feel like you actually have some colleagues out there that understand your job and are into the same things as you! Check out all the beautiful photos people took on #CambridgeCreativesPhotoWalk, I was chatting so much that I hardly took any pics - woops!

Having visited Cambridge last year to hang out with Jo and Claire it was really nice to go back and catch up with them (and eat lots of ice cream again!). I'm going to be doing my own photo walk in London this July with Zoe of Too Cute to Quit and Erica of Being Erica with In Colourful Company - if you can make it on July 1st then join our facebook event!

Museum of Ice Cream LA

My instagram feed has been full of this sprinkle-covered paradise recently and I would love to hop on a plane to LA and jump in that pool! The Museum of Ice Cream is an immersive experience that brings your favourite ice cream flavours to life. This is less of a museum and more of a Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory-esque wonderland that's set up for you to take some very instagrammable photos. It's been so popular that the organisers have extended its opening until June... fingers crossed it'll come to London sometime soon!

Zabby Allen Girl power T-Shirt

This month I also took part in a Print Club London fabric printing workshop. There's a whole blog post on this coming next week so keep an eye out for that. I got the chance to trial my Girl Power designs on t-shirts, which I'm going to be putting up for pre-order soon I hope! It was really good to learn a new skill and visit the print studio.

Sparkle Collective Baby Cat Rainbow Patch

Britt of Sparkle Collective released a whole bunch of new designs this month and they are things of beauty! baby cats, rainbows, sloths, donuts, puppies... what more could you want? Head over to her website to see the whole collection.


Doble King

My brother is pretty good at sending me links to all sorts of weird and wonderful thiings on the internet (and lots of dog videos... thanks Thom!). Most recently he introduced me to Double King - an animation by Felix Colgrave which blew my mind! It's totally bizarre and trippy, hilarious and beautiful. I've since watched a few of Felix's older animations and his imagination and animation skills are just incredible.

Twelfth Night National Theatre

On a totally different note Kim and I also went to watch Twelfth Night at The National Theatre this month which was fantastic! As someone who doesn't know a huge amount about Shakespeare I was worried I might not understand what was going on, but the actors were absolutely brilliant (and Kim helpfully reminded me that Twelfth Night is what She's The Man is based on just before the show - LOL!). The costumes were brilliantly over the top and the rotating stage was used in a very clever way. I think the show is sold out now unfortunately, but there might still be a few Picturehouse Cinema showings coming up if you want to catch it!


Damn Kendrick Lamar

There's been one album on repeat in our house for the last few weeks and that's DAMN by Kendrick Lamar - four of us live here and it seems like there's always at least one of us playing it at any one time. I can't remember the last time there was so much buzz about an album release and it still feels like every time I go out someone drives past me blasting Kendrick from their car (or most recently their bike?!).

If you are already into the album and Kendrick in general then you should check out this interview he did recently with Zane Lowe, where they go through the album track by track and Kendrick talks about it in some more detail.


Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Shell Stealing Slug Club

The lovely Aimée of Shell Stealing Slug Club recently sent me some surprise Happy Mail - April is 'Letter Writing Month' and Aimée's taking part in a Snail Mail Challenge inspired by #write_on, where she's sending 30 letters in 30 days. Aimée sent me a lovely letter and a copy of this Maya Angelou poem Phenomenal Woman which I just love! She's been sending them out to her friends and the women that inspire her, who have in turn replied with their own poems, stories and inspiring quotes. What a lovely project! So this month I'm encouraging you to write your own letters - I sell a Snail Mail set with stamps included to get you started! You can download the floral letter writing paper the poem is written on on Aimée's website for free too, by the way!


Josef Frank Fashion & Textiles Museum

Yesterday I went to The Fashion & Textiles Museum in Bermonsdey to see the Josef Frank exhibition. It's only on until May 7th so if you want to go you only have a week to do so! The patterns Frank created were astoundingly beautiful and I found the show really inspiring - despite the fact that he and his wife had to leave Austria due to a rise in anti-Semitism, much of his work depicts a paradise in which various plant species and types of fruit grow in harmony on one tree. For one of his fabrics 'US Tree', he created a tree on which 20 different plants shared the branches, perhaps reflecting American society, where people of many different ethnicities live and flourish side by side. I now want to fill my home with his textiles! The FTM in general is such a welcoming (and colourful!) musuem and it was really nice to be able to go to a show that encourages you to sit on the furniture and take photographs!

So those were some of my favourite things from April, I'd love to hear your recommendations too, especially for books and podcasts! I'm looking forward to some more adventures in May and there are still lots of exhibitions I need to get to. If you have any good recommendations find me on instagram or twitter or send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!

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